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Buy Parts for this Laptop

Gateway » M Series » M1634u LCD Screen Replacement Guide

How to Remove Replace Install your Gateway M Series M1634u Laptop LCD Screen

1. Remove the rubber covers from you Gateway M1634u LCD Screen.

2. Use a philips head screw driver to remove the screws.

3. Pry off the Gateway M1634u Plastic LCD bezel.

4. Remove the screws from the side of the LCD hinges.

5. Handle the Gateway M1634u LCD hinges with care as they are delicate.

6. Place the Gateway M1634u LCD Screen down on its front and remove the LCD ribbon cable from the LCD.

7. Unplug and remove the Gateway M1634u Inverter from the LCD.

8. You are now ready to replace and install your new Gateway M1634u LCD Screen.

9. Recconnect back your Gateway M1634u Inverter LCD Cable and Hinges.

10. Place the screws back in and secure the Plastic LCD Bezel back in place.

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