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Asus » X Series » X83VB-X2 LCD Screen Replacement Guide

How to Remove Replace Install your Asus X Series X83VB-X2 Laptop LCD Screen

1. Remove the rubber covers from you Asus X83VB-X2 LCD Screen.

2. Use a philips head screw driver to remove the screws.

3. Pry off the Asus X83VB-X2 Plastic LCD bezel.

4. Remove the screws from the side of the LCD hinges.

5. Handle the Asus X83VB-X2 LCD hinges with care as they are delicate.

6. Place the Asus X83VB-X2 LCD Screen down on its front and remove the LCD ribbon cable from the LCD.

7. Unplug and remove the Asus X83VB-X2 Inverter from the LCD.

8. You are now ready to replace and install your new Asus X83VB-X2 LCD Screen.

9. Recconnect back your Asus X83VB-X2 Inverter LCD Cable and Hinges.

10. Place the screws back in and secure the Plastic LCD Bezel back in place.

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