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Motherboard Repair Video

Buy Parts for this Laptop
Buy Parts for this Laptop

Acer » Aspire » 5740 Motherboard Replacement Guide

How to Remove Replace Install your Acer Aspire 5740 MotherBoard

The Acer Aspire Motherboard is also referred to as:

Acer Aspire Mainboard

Acer Aspire System Board

Acer Aspire Planar Board

Acer Aspire Logic Board

Acer Aspire Circuit Board

In this video we show you how to remove, replace and install the motherboard on your Acer Aspire laptop. We also remove the following Acer Aspire parts. Screws, fan, keyboard, screen, hinges, RAM card, wires, cables, Wifi card, and most of the other parts on the main board.

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