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Acer » Aspire » 4930G Laptop Fan & Heatsink Installation Replacement Guide

How to Remove Replace and Install Your Acer Aspire 4930G Laptop Heatsink Fan

1. Inorder to replace fix or install your new Acer 4930G laptop fan and heatsink, you will need to open up your laptop. You can do this by removing the screws from the bottom of the laptop.

2. Once the screws have been removed from the bottom of your laptop, you can now remove the keyboard and plastic bezels from your Acer 4930G laptop.

3. You will see your Acer 4930G Fan and Heat Skin exposed.

4. Use a screw drivers and remove the screws from you Acer 4930G HeatSin Fan.

5. Before reinstalling the new Acer 4930G Fan onto your laptop, you can clean the Acer 4930G Fan. To clean your Fan and Heatsink, use a can of air and blow out any dirk from your Acer 4930G Fan. You can also use a paint brush to clean out the dirt from the hard to get areas. Somtimes cleaning your Acer 4930G laptop fan will actually repair it. Dirt can cause the Acer 4930G Laptop Fan to make noise and even stop spinning properly.

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